Why Can Eyes Change Naturally Over The Course Of Your Life ?

Most people tend to believe that once your born, your eye color will remain the same until your passing. In actual fact, your eye color will probably continually change somewhat throughout the course of your life.

The iris in your eye is a funny thing, in order to control the size of your pupil the iris will also expand and contract with it, this enables your eyes to adjust to the level of brightness or dimness your eyes are exposed too. The iris can also change color. Based on studies that have originated from Europe the iris can and does change colour based your emotional state of mind. Most people don’t actually see the change however it can be very showing in many many people. Emotions such as love, anger or sadness can have a very large effect on your iris pigment. This stimulates the chemical compounds that make up your iris pigment and then change can occur.

Unfortunately however a lot of the worlds population will only see small changes, and not enough to easily recognise. That is why we provide people with a huge variety of our contact lenses. We need to give people options and customisation because, really variety is the spice of life. Freshtone has an ever expanding selection of the finest lenses you can buy, Our blue contact lens have graced more eyes in the last two years then any other contact lens in the world.