Q1. How can i tell if my order has been shipped ? 

A: You can tell if your item has been shipped by the status of your order changing from processing to completed. You can either find that out by our automatic email updating you on the change or you may log into your account ( If you created one) .

Q2. How long will shipping take ? 

A: This will depend on a few things. Namely the shipping option you have chosen & Country you reside in all play a significant factor in delivery times as well as if you have ordered during a particular holiday season. Here is a delivery guide to help you.


United States Of America:

Free shipping option 6-10 Days

Sendle Express U.SA 4-6 Days


Free shipping option 9-25 Business days

International Post 4-7 Business days

Lightning fast International Service 3-5 Business days

Middle East/Turkey/Africa/South America

Free shipping option 12-30 Business days

International Post 7-10 Business days

Lightning Fast International service 4-8 Business days

Q3. Do i get tracking with my order ?

A: We only provide tracking on paid shipping methods which means that if you selected our free shipping option you will not receive a tracking number with it. However if you have paid for registered post/ Express post or our international & Lightning fast option then you will receive a tracking number via email once the item has been shipped.


Q1. I have dark brown eyes, What would suit me ?

A: A question we get all the time! mixing colours with eyes can be like mixing different paint together, you can either get an effect you like or hate, unless you go for our super opaque range which will negate your dark eyes altogether. If you want your eyes to have a nice blue colour without having to pay top dollar then we can recommend our sterling grey as these have a very nice mix and will give you a natural blue look. If you want grey then you would have to go for our pony grey super naturals as a blend will not do it for you. Overall People with Dark brown eyes are recommended to go for our Super natural opaque range for the best effect.