Origins & commercialisation of Halloween.

Growing up in the United States, there’s a fairly high chance that you absolutely love Halloween. It’s a night of excitement and mischief that only occurs once every year.


There are costumes, apple treats, scary movies, halloween flavoured beer, parades and parties and best of all, free candy!. It’s beautiful! and it’s not surprising that this holiday has evolved into such a ridiculous event in America today. Americans actually spend around $6 billion on Halloween every year. And now the wider world is in on it too!

Funny enough however, Halloween did not originate from the  United States, it actually has different  origins and was celebrated far before Europeans arrived in North America.

Around two thousand years ago, the Celts celebrated the end of the harvest season with the festival of Samhain on November 1. This was a big party to say farewell to summer and hello to winter. As winter is cold and depressing, it was a time of year that was actually associated with death and sorrow.

The Celts believed that the dead returned as ghosts on the night before Samhain (October 31).  They put out offerings of food and other goods to appease these spirits. Likewise, in order to fit in with all of the ghosts that were out and about, they’d put on masks and costumes to avoid being possessed.


In the 8th Century, the Christian Church changed Samhain into “All Saint’s Day,” also known as “All Hallows.”

The night before it was “Hallows Eve.” Eventually, this evolved into “Halloween.”

Halloween season starts off at the beginning of September. Your favourite costume and contact lens stores begin to pop up in shopping malls, and you have a random urge to break out your cat ears and eat candy corn all day long. Even if you don’t have the perfect costume picked out, you’ll want clever captions for Halloween selfies, because you can never be too prepared for all of the parties and fun times to come. Another store that a lot of people use are for contact lenses

The Halloween vibes seem to start earlier each year, but the celebration will be here and gone before you know it. Are you joining a group Halloween costume this year, or keeping it laid-back with something comfy from your closet? Either way, you’re going to snap a few pics of yourself living your best life as you hit up costume parties with your girls.

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Why Can Eyes Change Naturally Over The Course Of Your Life ?

Most people tend to believe that once your born, your eye color will remain the same until your passing. In actual fact, your eye color will probably continually change somewhat throughout the course of your life.

The iris in your eye is a funny thing, in order to control the size of your pupil the iris will also expand and contract with it, this enables your eyes to adjust to the level of brightness or dimness your eyes are exposed too. The iris can also change color. Based on studies that have originated from Europe the iris can and does change colour based your emotional state of mind. Most people don’t actually see the change however it can be very showing in many many people. Emotions such as love, anger or sadness can have a very large effect on your iris pigment. This stimulates the chemical compounds that make up your iris pigment and then change can occur.

Unfortunately however a lot of the worlds population will only see small changes, and not enough to easily recognise. That is why we provide people with a huge variety of our contact lenses. We need to give people options and customisation because, really variety is the spice of life. Freshtone has an ever expanding selection of the finest lenses you can buy, Our blue contact lens have graced more eyes in the last two years then any other contact lens in the world.




The Evolution of the Contact Lens

The idea of a lens covering the eye has been around for a lot longer then people may realise. The greatest mind of the 1500s Leonardo Da Vinci is generally credited with the concept of the contact lens, however at the time technology just had not developed enough for a suitable material to be used.

The first usable model was invented and used in 1801 by a man named Thomas Young. He used wax to hold a water based lens to his eye which refracted the power somewhat. However at the time he did not actually make the lens for this refracted power.

the first reusable model that has similarities with today”s contact lenses was actually created in the late 1880s by a German ophthalmologist called Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick. Whilst working away in Zurich, he described fabricating a bifocal sclera contact lenses, which rested on the less sensitive rim of tissue around the cornea, and experimentally fitting them initially on rabbits, then on himself, and lastly on a small group of volunteers. These lenses were made from heavy blown glass and were 18–21 mm (0.71–0.83 in) in diameter.

Today Freshtone Carries on these men’s legacy by manufacturing the worlds best contact lenses in many color’s and ranges. We create world leading colors in blue contacts, brown contacts, green contacts and many many others. We also develop new and cutting edge lenses and maybe even one day, we will be able to instill workable nano technologies in such lenses to make everyday life better for all.